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Please be sure to check their websites, they sometimes make changes...and I don't track those things. ~ TightLines!

Not affiliated with any of the organizations posted.

Just another co-angler trying to get a line wet and sharing my findings...

and I happen to be a nerd that likes technology and databasing.

This was my solution to help me better understand

(cause...holy crap there's alot of info lol)

On that note...

here's some vids that strike my fancy :)

(didn't really want to make a separate page for these)

Some bassin'
a video i made...
a long time ago
*I apologize for any offensive swearing
a video i made...
a realllllyyyy long time ago
Its pretty long's basically a dance party workout video with fishing in the background :)
CIMG5975 (2)
2013-03-16_09-55-36_856 (2)

January 28, 2018

Blogging for the first time....

What the heck is a blog? Well, decided to start trying this part....

I started BassTourneys on tumblr, I think back in 2015... it was originally just a calendar with funny fish memes I wanted to reshare.  In November 2017, I decided to spoil myself and buy the domain (Wix was offering a discount). So I did...and there you have it :). I was hoping someone else (even just 1 or 2 people) would also find this useful.

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