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They gave me the green light!!!:)

Tomorrow, Friday - 6/24/22

5pm to 10pm (to be confirmed)

This first run will be open music night. If I can get at least 15 people to RSVP and fill out the form I can make this happen. Please drop some music requests and we'll get it started! Check in with me at the upstairs bar and I'll make sure to add your choices to the list.

I know it's last minute, but let's see how it goes!

Come and enjoy music shared by your community!

The success will be based on your participation:)

Covid protocol:

Please be responsible. We all know the rules:)

A less formal note from me:)

I'm so excited to get the chance to try to make this happen! This is my 3rd month as a part-time server (I have another job apprenticing as an electrician). So please be patient with me and my experiments:) This is purely me volunteering my time, so please be kind. I'm still just going to play server:)

Quick backstory....yes this is a fishing website lol. It's been a hobby website I've had for many years. This was the quickest and easiest way for me to share my thoughts publicly. Please note that this link is hidden on the actual website, so the one you used is the only way to find this. Also, please excuse any typos or errors, I whipped this together super quick, will probably make changes at random lol.

With that being said, I hope you will leave your input and together as a community, we can create something we can all enjoy.



June 23, 2022

Music Interest & Activities Survey

Please fill out the form to help make this happen:)

Choose as many as you like:)
Would you participate in any of these options?
Preferred Time
Participant Age:
Maybe Attend

Thank you!

Under construction when I have free time :)

Updated: 6/23/2022

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